The Vegan Deli
Our Story

It was an idea and concept born from two friends trying to transition toward veganism. Knowing that it was something that we wanted and needed to achieve but also fully aware of the challenges involved; cravings and limited choice in the market. Things have changed dramatically in the last couple of years and the plant-based and vegan market is now brimming with all manner of meat and dairy substitutes. As a community there is still much room for development however and our mission will remain to develop plant-based alternatives that are not only comparable to their animal alternatives but better, in every way.

Our Chef

We are small team on a small budget and as enthusiastic as we are about developing as many artisanal products as possible, the quality of our products will always remain our priority, so research and development is going to take us some time! Feedback from our growing customer base has already been the driving force to develop much of our menu. Essentially something for everyone and as much support for anyone attempting to transition towards a 100% plant-based diet as well as developing and supporting both the local and wider global vegan community and movement.

Our Kitchen
What does our customer says?
  • Deneen Kelly, 5 stars

    Excellent flavors, excellent quality, excellent service. Highly recommend!!

  • nomname17, 5 stars

    very good